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Simple Ways to Share a Video on Twitter

Twitter is a great social media platform that meets the needs of different types of people. Businesses are more likely to benefit from using this platform. This is because you can launch different campaigns that will reach out to millions of people across the globe. Various features on Twitter like the use of hashtags makes it easy to reach out to many people. Twitter is also an informative app. You can stay up to date with different things happening across the continent.

You can change location settings to a different country to understand what exactly is happening there during a particular period. Entertainment is another thing you will enjoy from using the app. You can derive this from some of the content shared by different users on the app. Some handles share tweets that are quite captivating and will leave you laughing throughout.

The GIF option on Twitter makes most interactions entertaining. You can look for funny GIFs and use them in your interactions, depending on the context. Some of the media shared on this platform can also leave you entertained. They are usually in the form of funny photos or videos. You may also want to post video content to your followers on the platform. There are several ways you can go about this. They include:


You can share videos on Twitter by uploading those that are already in your gallery. It is as simple as clicking the ‘Tweet’ button and also the image icon which will take you straight to your device’s gallery. You can then select the video you want to share and upload. This will take some minutes depending on the length of your video and internet connection speeds.

Live Streaming

Going live on your Twitter is the other option you have if you want to share video content with your followers. You can do this by composing a tweet then tapping ‘Live,’ which will take you to a broadcasting screen. This makes it easy to live stream to your Twitter and Periscope followers.


You can also record yourself easily using the app. It is as simplevideo as clicking the tweet button which will take you to a video recording option. The app makes it easy for you to edit the recorded video before sharing it. How about you try these options to share videos that will keep your followers entertained.…

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