Can CBD OIL cure cancer?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is among the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD oil is rapidly gaining popularity around the world as a natural remedy to many ailments. The agenda to push for the approval of cannabis derivatives and extracts like CBD oils has been facing resistance from the FDA. 

While the debate continues, some studies suggest that CBD has components that help in the treatment of cancer. Although this research is not fully proven, the compound can manage some common cancer symptoms.

Remember CBD oil is neither the same as hemp oil or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is to mean that CBD oil has different rejoinders to other hemp plant derivatives. Although the previous results show that CBD can help to fight cancer, it is not 100% concussive. However, cancer has several symptoms that CBD oil can effectively mitigate.

In this article, you will learn more about how CBD oil affects cancer treatment. Read on to get answers on whether CBD oil cures cancer.


CBD oil is a complementary therapy

As aforementioned, there is no solid proof that CBD oils can cure cancer. However, they act as complementary to cancer treatments. Majority of the studies suggests that CBD oils and cannabis therapies greatly help to complement cancer treatment. Here are the instances where CBD oil may help people who have cancer to undergo treatment properly:

 Stimulating appetite

 Most cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy experience a lot of nausea and loss of appetite. CBD oil also has components that help to relieve pain and also stimulate the appetite. Loss of appetite and nausea can make it hard for the patient to maintain weight and keep on fighting. Make sure that the THC accompanies CBD oil to stimulate the appetite.

 Pain relief

 Cancer and its treatment is a very painful experience. When cancer attacks the tissues, there is a lot of inflammation going on. Also, there is extreme pressure on the internal organs and nerve injuries. When the pain is chronic, it makes the patient go through hard times and slows treatment since one becomes resistant to opioids. Cbd oil can attach its elements to pain receptor known as CB2 receptors. This will lessen nerve damage, and the patient will do experience more problems while undergoing treatment.

Cancer prevention

CBDDifferent researches suggest that CBD oil plays a role in cancer prevention. Males who use tobacco and cannabis at the same time have a lower risk of suffering from prostate cancer compared to those who smoke tobacco alone. In another study, cannabidiol from cannabis helps to lower the risks of developing bladder cancer. CBD oil does not introduce carcinogens to the body. Therefore, it does not pose the same threats as smoked marijuana.

Can CBD treat Cancer?

There is no conclusive clinical study that has proven CBD oil as a cancer cure. Several pilot studies are investing this, but most of them are still in their early stages. However, there is a promising future about cannabinoids in cannabis plants. CBD oil seems to have components that can inhibit the growth of various tumour cells in the body. Also, some dosages of CBD oil tinctures can suppress your immune system allowing tumours to grow silently.


While CBD oil appears like a beneficial product in the fight with cancer, no conclusive research that has found it 100% effective, as studies go on, CBD oil can still be used to complement the treatments that are in place like chemotherapy.